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you, the patient, have the right to:

  • receive courteous, and competent care;

  • receive complete and current information regarding all aspects of your care in a manner that you understand;

  • expect that information gathered concerning your care will be treated in a confidential manner;

  • if you wish, designate a person to represent or support you in making decisions about your treatment or care;

  • become informed of the names and functions of all members of your health care team;

As a patient, it is your responsibility to:

  • provide accurate information about your past illnesses, previous hospitalizations and medications;

  • treat those who look after your needs with courtesy and kindness;

  • ask questions about instructions received if these are not clear or cannot be followed;

  • inform your physician or your nurse if you are pregnant or if you suspect such a condition, so that they may consider the possible effect of certain tests or treatments prescribed;

  • arrange settlement of any portion of your account not covered by your health insurance plan before leaving.

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