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Patients guide to uninsured services 

Some services are not covered by OHIP.  We used Ontario Medical Association's (OMA) suggested fees and common practice as a guideline for our 2024 fees list.


Clinical services:

Medical consultation for non OHIP: $100.

Complete exam for non OHIP: $180.

Drivers medical examination: $180.

Insurance requested medical examination: $180.

Pap test for non OHIP: $125$.

Missed appointment without 24h notice: $50/15 min slot. Missed complete exam: $180.

Fax prescription refill without a visit: $20/medication.

Extra wound dressing supplies (if not part of a procedure): $10.

Liquid nitrogen therapy for benign lesions: $40 (1- 4 lesions, additional lesions: $5 each )

(Genital or plantar wart therapy is considered an insured service).

Travel advice to outside canada: $110/15 min.

T.B testing and form completion for work: 1 step test $50, 2 steps test $75.

( T.B testing for enrollment in an educational program is considered an insured service).

Travel vaccine administration: $20.

(Immunization for communicable diseases endemic to Canada is considered an insured service).

Excision removal of benign lesions without sutures: $40. 

Excision removal of benign lesions with sutures: $110.

Work, educational and government administrative services:

Sick note from work or school or back to work note: $25.

Retirement home entrance form: $45.

CRA disability tax credit certificate: $150.

Children’s Aid Society (CAS) application for prospective foster parent: $70.

(application on behalf of a child is is considered an insured service).

Medical report for a Canada pension plan disability benefit: $150.

Copy/Transmission of Medical Records:  physicien review $40, copy of first 20 pages: $35 and $0.25 per page thereafter.

Admission to day-care, preschool, or university form: $35.

Jury duty letter of exemption: $50.

Immunization status form: $75.

(providing proof of an immunization is considered an insured service).

Pre-employment certification of fitness/fitness clubs or hospital/nursing home employee: $40.

FAF or other forms required by employer (not requested by WSIB): $110$/15 min.

Insurance administrative services:

Insurance requested attending physician’s statement: $160.

Insurance requested travel cancellation insurance form: $45.

Medical certificate employment insurance sickness benefits: $50.

Insurance requested note for massage therapy, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, or orthotics: $30$/ each.

Insurance disability certificate OCF- 3,18 or 23: $160.

Full narrative report or any other letter/form: $110 per 15 min.

Botox insurance form: $110.

Insurance drug authorization form: $40.

The following forms are considered an insured service:

  • Application for Accessible Parking Permit.

  • Accessible Transit Eligibility Application forms.

  • Ministry of Health Forms. 

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