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To complete your medical visit with success, please pay attention to the following steps:


1- Request an appointment: to request an appointment with our physicians or nurses, please contact us in person or by phone:  (613) 518-1880.  

For acute minor ailments, we will try our best to provide a same day appointment with your physician or with the physician on call.  Our after hour clinic is for enrolled patients only and is not intended for medical emergencies or chronic non urgent medical problems. In case of emergency, please contact 911. 

Please do not request an appointment through our voicemail system or email.  The email system is for general inquiries only and not designed to share private medical information or for appointment booking due to possible delay in reply and data security.  

2- Choose the right appointment type for you: to help us allocating enough time and resources as needed:

  1. Regular appointment for a new physical problem. 

  2. Regular appointment for a new mental health problem.  

  3. Acute minor ailment.

  4. Complete physical examination.

  5. Follow-up appointment.

  6. Regular follow up for diabetes, heart failure or hypertension.

  7. Minor inquiry or prescription Renewal. 

  8. Pap test.

  9. Well baby visit

  10. Form completion request.

  11. Injection of a medication or an immunization.

  12. Meet and greet for new patients.

- All consultations for a new medical problem should be in person. Some follow up appointments, minor inquiry or prescription renewal could be completed by phone, please discuss it with your primary care physician for further inquiry. 

- Pap test and Injection of a medication or an immunization can be booked directly with our nursing team. 


3- Arrive early for your appointment: we expect patients to arrive 10-15 minutes early with a valid OHIP medical insurance card. 

- Please be advised, our staff is instructed to measure the patient vital signs before a complete physical examination, well baby and regular follow up for diabetes, heart failure or hypertension.

- Our physicians respect your time and they try their best to meet patients on time but this cannot be guaranteed, urgent medical problems and complex cases take precedence. 

- If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, contact our clinic as soon as possible.  Appointments that are not cancelled by 24 hours prior to your scheduled time or no show to our same day After-hours clinic will be subject to uninsured fees. 

4- Complete your medical visit within appointment allocated time:

To help us being on time, please focus on one specific medical problem during your appointment. If you have multiple unrelated medical problems, please book further appointments to discuss each. 

5- Request a follow up appointment: We expect patients to contact us back after completion of any requested investigations to discuss results.


A gentle reminder: Please be courteous to our team and physicians.  We understand the system could be frustrating , please express your concerns to your treating physician. Any  yelling, inappropriate or threatening language will be considered  verbal abuse and  it could lead to your physician-patient relation termination.

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