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Please contact us our reception team by phone (613) 518-1880 to request an appointment with your physician.


When booking an appointment, there are different appointment types. Choose the right one.

  • Regular appointment for a new physical problem. 

  • Regular appointment for a new mental health problem.  

  • General examination.

  • Follow-up appointment.

  • Prescription Renewal. 

  • Pap test.

  • Well baby and immunization.

  • Form completion request.

  • Injection of a medication or an immunization for adults.

  • Meet and greed for new patients. 

During your appointment, your physician will further clarify the issues related to your appointment type. Please be concise and focused on the specific reason for consultation. 

If you have an urgent medical problem, we will try our best to provide a same day appointment with the physician on-call in the after hour clinic. 

If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, contact our clinic immediately.  Appointments that are not cancelled by 24 hours prior to your scheduled time or no show to our same day After-hours clinic will be subject to uninsured fees. 

A gentle reminder: Please be kind to our reception team.  You can express your concerns to your treating physician. Any verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated and it will lead to your termination as a patient.

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